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JobCrypt is the first decentralized Job Board hosted on Optimism. We bring employers and job seekers together using the power of blockchain to enable a faster, cleaner and more efficient hiring process.

Why we use Web 3?

Traditional job boards allow for inauthentic responses to employment listings, quite simply anyone can say for example "I know Web 3" with no proof leading to difficult consequences for both job seekers and employers

  • Benefits for Employers

    By using JobCrypt, employers are assured that their staff are fully competent in the basics of using Web3 as part of their daily operation saving on, training, time off and re-work

  • Benefits for Job Seekers

    By applying through JobCrypt, job seekers can clearly demonstrate that they are Web3 capable and worthy of clear and concise consideration by employers

In short Web3 and Blockchain are here to move the world forward. At JobCrypt we have recognised this tectonic shift in technology and are working hard to ensure that the right individuals with the right skills and competencies are being deployed to help address the challenges that come with this sea change.

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